The End of Nicotine Addiction

MIIST was born from our founder’s desire to help his friends and peers overcome their dangerous nicotine addictions. Everyone he talked too felt that it would be hopeless to try and quit, largely because all of the available options were terrible. No one wanted to put a patch on their skin or chew a piece of gum, and certainly no one wanted to start taking prescription pills. So, our founder set out to create a new quitting experience that would empower current smokers and vapers to get off of nicotine for good.

That was the beginning of MIIST, and with a clear mission in mind, the team got to work on developing an entirely new type of quitting experience; a product that was not only a safe means of quitting nicotine, but an enjoyable one too! The team at MIIST truly believes that the way to eradicate nicotine addiction is to allow people to enjoy their quitting experience, and that is the driving force behind MIIST.

The MIIST Portable Nebulizer is a medical grade delivery system that is paired with a proprietary nicotine free blend to help people put an end to their nicotine addiction. It offers the safety profile of a medical device, satisfies the habit of oral fixation, and for the first time ever, provides smokers and vapers with a truly feasible means to quit their addiction.


The Team

Dalton Headshot

Dalton Signor


Dalton looks ahead, creates strong teams, solves problems, and always keeps his mission at top-of-mind.

Randy Headshot

Randy Krebs


Randy is an exited founder with experience starting 3 companies as well as serving as CFO for multiple venture backed companies.

Chrys Headshot

Chrys Camacho

Lead Engineer

Chrys is an experienced inventor and hardware engineer who recently scaled and exited his own autonomous drone startup.

Cyrus Ahmadi

Lead Developer

Cyrus had developed multiple medical devices and software technologies, with a strong understanding of the development cycle and regulatory process.

Brazos Headshot

Brazos Minshew


Brazos is a PhD chemist that has brought dozens of products to market, multiple doing over $1B in sales globally. 

Strategic Advisors


Chris Joyce

Business Development

Chris has started and scaled dozens of companies with multiple successful exits. He is now changing the way that businesses start up as CEO of Gusher.

Venkat Headshot

Venkat Venkatakrishnan


Venkat is an experienced pharma and MedTech executive with a strong understanding of the regulatory process. He has taken multiple medical devices to market in the US, Canada, and the EU.