Why We Do This

it all started with our founder's run-in with a major problem:

About a year ago I heard from my sister that “all of her friends are vaping now”, and lets just say that was not music to my ears. As an undergrad I’d seen vaping screw up a lot of people’s lives. It basically begins to run your daily interactions and you can’t function without it, it’s terrible to watch. I was determined not to let my sister become one of the victims of vaping.

After speaking with a lot of e-cigarette users I found that most of them know they should quit, and they actually want to quit, there is just no good way for them to do so. I quickly realized that all the past attempts to get people off of vaping have been massively flawed. You can’t simply shove scary facts about the dangers of vaping down people’s throats. And you can’t coerce them into using some terrible patch that they don’t want to use. 

The way to put an end to this vaping epidemic is to create a better alternative that is built around the user experience. I realized that if I could create a product that people we be excited to use, then we could make quitting vaping an enjoyable experience, and we would help millions of people put down their JUUL for good. 

Since then, our team of world-class entrepreneurs, scientists, and product developers has honed the formula and created a truly revolutionary product that is set to solve the vaping problem. We have created a medically inspired, nicotine-free, water-based inhalable nootropic that is going to make tobacco a thing of the past. 

Who's Involved

A strong team with a common goal

Dalton Signor


The brains. Dalton looks ahead, creates strong teams, solves problems, and always keeps his mission at top-of-mind.

Nick Johnson

Product & Web Designer

The muscle. Nick builds first and asks questions later. He’s brought 20+ products to market and knows what works.

Brazos Minshew

Formulator & MFG

The hot-shot. Brazos dreams big and acts daringly. A PhD chemist, he pushes the limits and keeps us on the cutting edge.

Chris Joyce

Partner & Advisor

The godfather. Chris has started and scaled 30+ companies and is currently disrupting the way we start up as CEO of gusher.

Sarah Bellum


The boss. Sarah didn’t want to get fired from her job so we couldn’t put her bio or picture here.