Goodbye Vaping


Welcome to the new age of
breathable nootropics


What is MIIST?

A breathable nootropic designed to provide people with a healthier, safer alternative to vaping.

MIIST is formulated with zero nicotine, zero oils, and the proper blend of essential ingredients to keep you feeling good throughout your day.

How does it work?

We've formulated our liquid to naturally enhance the levels of dopamine, serotonin, and oxytocin in your brain, delivering users a pleasurable buzz without the associated risk of using tobacco products.

We then took it a step further and included a compound that satisfies the nicotine receptors in the brain, curbing any cravings or withdrawal symptoms.

Lastly we made the choice to use water instead of oil for our base, because we know oil doesn't belong in your lungs.

Our MIIST device operates ultrasonically like a nebulizer, so there is no heat or risk of harmful fumes.


Satisfies Nicotine Cravings


Gives a
Natural Buzz


Boosts Focus &
Mental Energy


Mood Enhancement

Our Core Values

At MIIST it is our mission is to stop the vaping epidemic and promote healthy innovation

Dalton Signor | Founder

"Vaping is the cigarette epidemic of the modern day. The incredibly addictive nature of vapes is creating a record amount of nicotine dependence and jeopardizing the health of millions.

With MIIST, I want to put an end to this for good by creating a breathable nootropic that provides users the pleasurable feeling they want without the risk of using a tobacco product."

Why We're Better

Here's how our water-based, ultrasonic nebulizer gives you a healthier, more productive buzz


Zero Nicotine

We use a proprietary formula that satisfies nicotine receptors in the brain to lessen cravings.


No Heat

The nano-particles in our liquid are ultrasonically atomized at room temperature.


No Oil

Our water-based liquid won’t coat your lungs with harmful oil like vape liquids.



Our formula includes vitamins B3 and C which promote a healthy immune system


Mood Boosters

Our blend increases dopamine, serotonin, and oxytocin , giving you a happy buzz.


No Odor

Our vapor leaves no lingering smell, making it virtually traceless.


Natural Flavors

We only use natural flavorings and never allow artificial ingredients


No Clouds

Our unique formula creates no cloud emission so you can MIIST without the judgement.

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